Fitzwilliam Hospital, Peterborough

Milton Way, South Bretton, Peterborough, PE3 9AQ

The Fitzwilliam Hospital is Peterborough’s largest private hospital.  It is a specialist Orthopaedic Hospital with a multi-disciplinary team of specialists.  X-ray, MRI and diagnostic ultrasound facilities are available on the premises and we work closely with Physiotherapy and specialist Consultants in the hospital to enable all your care to take place in the same location, where possible.  Specialist interventions such as radial shockwave therapy and platelet rich plasma (PRP) infiltrations as also available at the hospital. 

Important notice regarding patients under-18: regrettably, under-18’s cannot be seen at the Fitzwilliam Hospital.  They can, however, be seen at our Stamford clinic.

Clinic times: 

Monday: 0800 – 2000
Tuesday: 0800 – 2000
Friday: 1400 – 1600 (not weekly)
Saturday: Minor surgical procedures only – by arrangements

Direct appointment line: (01733) 261717    0800 – 2000

Before visiting a clinic:

Insurance Although we are registered with all available health insurance companies, please check your cover with your health insurance provider before attending for your first appointment, as cover levels will vary.

Clothing Please dress accordingly (loose clothing or a pair of shorts to change into), as it will be necessary to assess your lower limbs and spine.

Footwear Please bring along the pairs of shoes that you wear the majority of the time, especially footwear that is worn for sport or specific work-related footwear.

Orthoses If you have been provided with insoles, orthoses or braces in the past, please bring them with you to the first appointment.

Appointment duration Your initial assessment is up to one hour in length and follow-up appointments are up to 30 mins.

Payment Self-paying patients are requested to pay for their treatment on the day of their appointment.  All major payment types are accepted.  Insurance patients will have their payments processed by the hospital or clinic, as long as we have your full insurance details.  Detailed written receipts are available if it is necessary for you to claim your costs back from a 3rd party.