Covid-19 update: we are re-opening!

We will be running our first clinic for face-to-face consultations on Wed 3rd June 2020. As we have not been able to conduct physical clinics for 10 weeks, this is an enormous relief but, obviously, it won’t be business as usual just yet!

At the moment, our clinic at the Fitzwilliam Hospital in Peterborough remains closed with an expected re-opening date of Mon 13th July 2020 due to the arrangements the hospital has with the NHS and we are still having to triage patients that we see now on the basis of need for treatment and, of course, the absence of Covid-19 symptoms.

All patients that were cancelled out of clinics from 22nd March 2020 onwards will be contacted as a priority to make other arrangements. Patients with the highest need that would normally attend our Podiatry clinic in Peterborough will also be offered appointments in Stamford were possible and convenient.

Please be assured that we have both appropriate PPE and social distancing measures in place and we are screening patients for Covid-19 symptoms before seeing anyone for a face-to-face consultation. If you have any concerns about coming to see us, please contact us directly.

This is a positive first step and we look forward to the return of fully functioning clinics eventually!

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