Peterborough clinic

Unfortunately, we have still not been able to re-open our clinics at the Fitzwilliam Hospital, Peterborough. This is because the hospital is prioritising its NHS commitments and the backlog of patients it has generated during lockdown. Social distancing regulations have also meant that clinic space in the hospital is not yet available for our Podiatry clinics.

We recognise that this is extremely frustrating for our Peterborough patients; as it is for us as a business. We are primarily a Peterborough business and it is our intention to re-open a Peterborough clinic as soon as we are physically capable of doing so. We have increased our capacity at our Stamford clinic at the Broad Street Practice in order to be able to see as many patients on our caseload as possible and will shortly be contacting all patients that were cancelled from our Peterborough clinics to help arrange care accordingly.

We can’t apologise enough for the disruption in service that has been caused by the arrangements at the Fitzwilliam Hospital and are trying to resume Peterborough activities as soon as possible.