Siliconcoach video gait analysis software

Walkrite have invested in dual camera video gait analysis software from Siliconcoach.  The software allows video to be captured of running, walking and movement, on or off a treadmill, outside, or making other movements, such as sporting movements.  The 2 cameras are used to take images from 2 different angles and can be played side-by-side to view movements from all angles.

It is then possible to break the video down to each individual frame that has been captured showing even the most rapid movements of the body and allowing analysis to be compared before and after treatment, e.g. when changing your gait pattern, before and after using foot orthoses or with different types of trainers and shoes.

Treadmill and TV

This is not just for use with sports people, but can be used for any type of mechanical problem, including children’s foot, ankle and lower limb problems, gait changes after stroke / drop foot, arthritic joint problems etc.

This software is now in use at both of our clinical locations and is used as part of your initial one hour assessment.