Ankle-foot orthoses

We prescribe and provide a variety of custom-made and customised ankle-foot orthoses including the Richie Brace and SAFO drop foot brace.

Ankle-foot orthoses are used when it is necessary to control, stabilise or support the ankle as well as the foot.  This is often in more complex conditions such as adult acquired flat foot / tibialis posterior tendonopathy, drop foot, structurally unstable ankles eg secondary to ankle ligament and tendon ruptures and fixed or unstable Orthopaedic presentations such as in arthritis or following trauma.

Before making recommendations with regards to AFO’s, a comprehensive clinical gait analysis assessment comprising an extensive history, biomechanical assessment, video gait analysis and footwear assessment is undertaken.  In complex presentations it is likely that the braces will have to be custom-made, but we also use a variety of customised or over-the-counter braces, sometimes in conjunction with foot orthoses and footwear changes to address less complicated issues.  More details of our braces can be found in the treatment section.