Peterborough Podiatry Clinic

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Walkrite Clinic in Peterborough

We offer a range of treatments and services at our Podiatry clinic in Peterborough, newly opened in May 2021. These include biomechanical assessment, video gait analysis, gait re-training and children’s foot and ankle treatments and Diabetes care. We also address sports injuries of the foot and ankle and use shockwave therapy for heel pain and tendon problems of the foot and leg. We are also trained local anaesthetists and offer minor surgical procedures such as nail surgery and verruca needling. The clinic is safe and complies with all regulations with a defibrillator on the premises.

All our clinicians hold POM-A and POM-S annotations with the registration with the Health and Care Professions Council allowing us to dispense some medications such as antibiotics and John Chadwick, on of our Co-Directors, is also an Independent Prescriber. Therefore, we can offer treatments for all of your care needs. However, we do also work with a wider specialised team of clinicians such as Foot and Ankle Consultants, Physiotherapists and GP’s when we need to arrange additional care.

The clinic is easily accessible from all routes in and outside of Peterborough. It is based in the Minerva Business Park, which is within the Lynchwood business park area of Peterborough with rapid access from the A1 and all routes. There are 8 onsite car parking spaces and the clinic is disabled access. Please contact us if you have any requirements in order to access the clinic or any other queries.


Camrascan House,
Isis Way, Minerva Business Park,
Peterborough, Cambridgeshire,

01733 230281

Reception hours *: 

  • Monday: 0900 – 1700
  • Tuesday: 1230 – 2000
  • Wednesday: 0800-1700
  • Thursday: 1230-2000
  • Friday: 0800-1600

* The above represents current reception hours only and not appointment availability. If you have confirmation of your appointment but it is outside of the stated reception hours, don’t worry, we will be there to receive you

* * All age ranges can be treated at the clinic, including children

Before attending the Podiatry clinic in Peterborough:

Insurance Although we are registered with all available health insurance companies, please check your cover with your health insurance provider before attending for your first appointment, as cover levels will vary **.

Clothing Please dress accordingly (loose clothing or a pair of shorts to change into), as it will be necessary to assess your lower limbs and spine.

Footwear Please bring along the pairs of shoes that you wear the majority of the time, especially footwear that is worn for sport or specific work-related footwear.

Orthoses If you have been provided with insoles, orthoses or braces in the past, please bring them with you to the first appointment.

Appointment duration Your initial assessment is up to one hour in length and follow-up appointments are up to 30 mins.

Payment Self-paying patients are requested to pay for their treatment on the day of their appointment.  All major payment types are accepted.  Insurance patients will have their payments processed by the hospital or clinic, as long as we have your full insurance details.  Detailed written receipts are available if it is necessary for you to claim your costs back from a 3rd party.