Video Gait Analysis

Our clinics are equipped with dual-camera video gait analysis systems making it possible to record movement and then analyse it frame by frame.

The equipment can be used in-situ when looking at running for instance on a treadmill, handheld to look at walking normally without the aid of a treadmill and also to review other movement patterns where necessary, such as particular movements in sport or in the work place like jumps, tip-toes, dance etc.  It is also possible for us to review video brought in or sent to us of e.g. running in competition on a track or other activities that have been videoed elsewhere so that we can see what function is like whilst participating in particular activities rather than just within the clinical environment.

Video gait analysis is an invaluable tool within our clinics and we also use it in gait re-training and footwear assessment, but it is always done alongside a full biomechanical assessment and after taking an extensive history to understand how each patient is feeling about their issue and what their goals are, as what is seen on video is irrelevant without an understanding as to why those movements are happening eg the degree to which a foot pronates when running as seen on video does not mean that that is causative of pain or dysfunction without full knowledge of what the issue the patient is experiencing is and what the contributing factors to it are, which is what is gathered from the history taking and biomechanical assessment.

We then incorporate this with additional special tests and, where appropriate, other dynamic tests or instrumented gait analysis.  These aspects make up a ‘clinical gait analysis’ assessment which is unique to each patient and their issues.  We don’t rely on the technology we use to tell us what to do or how to design foot orthoses and every patient we see will be treated individually and uniquely so that whether we are advising foot orthoses, footwear changes or exercise programmes, the treatment plan we generate will be tailored and individual.