Please call 01733 230281 or email to make or change an appointment.

At present, online booking is not available. A small number of appointments will shortly be available to book online with John Chadwick, but we are in the process of changing our clinic times and we will make the online booking service available again soon.

Details of the services and appointments that will be available for online booking are below:

Musculoskeletal Podiatry New Patient for Children – these are for new patients to the clinic.  Choose either ‘children aged 0-5’ (30 mins) or ‘children aged 5-18’ (60 mins) – this appointment is for:

Children with problems relating to joint and muscle pain or issues with development and walking such as:

  • Tip-toe walking
  • Flat feet
  • Walking in-toed or out-toed
  • Delayed walking or running
  • Frequent tripping and falling
  • Pain in foot, ankle and knee joints
  • Pain with sports and activity in the lower limbs

Musculoskeletal Podiatry Follow-up – these are 30 minute follow-up appointments for patients that have already been seen in clinic for their ‘New Patient Appointment’.

Routine Podiatry Appointments – choose ‘New Patient’ if you have not seen us before or ‘Follow-Up’ if you have – this appointment is for:

  • In-growing toenails (not including nail surgery)
  • Verruca assessment and treatment (not including Verruca Needling

Shockwave Therapy Appointment – this appointment is for shockwave therapy for some conditions such as heel or achilles tendon pain. It is recommended to contact us first before booking this appointment but, if you have been advised by us or another clinician to arrange shockwave and we haven’t seen you before, please book online and we will contact you before your first appointment to ask more questions about your condition to avoid not being able to proceed with treatment on the day. For shockwave to be effective, 4 sessions need to be booked, 5-10 days apart. If booking all 4 appointments, a package price will be available of £350. Single sessions are priced at £97.50 if booking fewer than 4 sessions.

Heel Pain Clinic – a rapid access heel pain clinic for the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of heel pain. If your heel pain is related to running, please call or email us to book an appointment to ensure that we have the correct facilities available for your assessment. For heel pain relating to children (under the age of 18) please book a Children’s Musculoskeletal Appointment instead.

For all other treatment, enquiries, or appointments with Nicola Blower, please contact reception on 01733 230281 or