Kayleigh Aldred

BSc(Hons), MRCPod



  • 7 years – Royal Air Force (RAF) Physical Training Instructor
  • 3 years – RAF Joint Service Exercise Rehabilitation Instructor  
  • 2 years – RAF Specialist Engagement Team
  • 2023 – Band 5 Podiatrist
  • 2024 – Podiatrist at Walkrite 

Kayleigh graduated in 2023, from Northampton University, with a 1st Class BSc(Hons) Degree in Podiatry and initially worked in the NHS with patients with various clinical needs, including ingrowing toenails, diabetic foot complications, neurological issues, chronic diseases, vascular conditions and wound management.

Although she is relatively new to Podiatry, she has a wealth of experience with injury assessment and rehabilitation due to her background in the RAF. Kayleigh was selected to join the Royal Air Force (RAF) in 2006 as a Physical Training Instructor and was educated in the principles of sports and exercise programming before specialising as a Joint Service Exercise Rehabilitation Instructor at the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre. Here Kayleigh worked in multi-disciplinary teams, to deliver exercise guidance to a variety of personnel from amputees to complex musculoskeletal (MSK) injuries. Trained and adept in multi-sports, Kayleigh has awareness of the anatomical demands placed on the body during specific activities and sports and to aid this work, she also trained in sports massage and Kinesio taping.

Both during and after her time at University, Kayleigh has actively sought to extend her knowledge and gain further experience in acute and MSK injuries through volunteering to assist at the 2023 London Marathon, attending a Dermoscopy course, which has broadened her knowledge in dermatological presentations of the lower limb, and also recently attending the Royal College of Podiatry conference.  In future, she hopes to extend her practice with guided injection therapy and a Masters in Podiatric Sports Medicine. 

A proud mum of three young, active boys, including a child with cerebral palsy, Kayleigh appreciates the concerns and challenges of being a parent. She is also passionate about promoting the benefits of physical health and well-being and enjoys being physically active herself, having been county-level at swimming, netball and hockey and represented the RAF as a swimmer at inter-service level. Growing up on the south coast of England, she regularly participated in coastal rowing and open water swimming. Kayleigh has even been known to throw herself out of plane on a sports parachute jump and survive a 450km adventure race in Abu Dhabi!