The importance of fitting boots and trail shoes

A brannock foot gauge can be used to measure feet
Properly measuring feet is essential when fitting walking boots and trail shoes.

Heavy duty activity like trail running and long distance walking demands a lot from our feet but a lot more from our shoes. Uneven ground, demanding conditions and constant impact mean that it is more likely that our feet will get irritated by the shoe and not just the activity. This makes fitting of boots and trail shoes more important.

Feel better in your shoes and boots when walking and running

Having your feet properly measured is one way of preventing issues with pain and irritation from shoes and boots but you then need to be able to buy a shoe or boot that accommodates your measurements. A couple of years ago, we started to talk to the team at the Tallington Lakes Pro Shop about this issue and they have now started to stock and sell a range of walking boots and trail shoes which they can fit to your measurements.

The way your shoes fit can affect function and not just comfort

Visit the Tallington Lakes Pro Shop blog to read our comments on fit and how this affects not just comfort but function as well. As members of The Society of Shoe Fitters we, at Walkrite, measure our patient’s feet as part of their Clinical Gait Analysis appointment and use this information as part of the treatment plan in treating anything from children’s foot problems to running injuries.

Getting help if you have problems with shoes and shoe fitting

If you think that you have a problem related to your shoes or the way they fit or function when you’re exercising, contact us as we may be able to help!