Our new Podiatry clinic in Peterborough!

gait analysis room
Gait analysis facility

We have moved into our new Podiatry clinic in Peterborough. We are so thankful to all the multi-disciplinry clinics that we have worked in since our incorporation in 2003, which enabled us to see many, many patients and build our business to the point were we could open a clinic of our own.

The new premises mean that we can develop our services. We will be able to offer more treatments and more specialisation. In time, we hope to welcome more Podiatrists to our team and expand our services beyond Podiatry. We are also thankful to all our patients who have stuck with us through this transition and hope that we won’t have to move in a very long time!

As always, we thrive on your feedback so if you do see us at the new clinic, please do let us know what you think and how we can either keep doing what we’re doing well or improve! Whilst the clinic is not yet completely finished, we hope to have the final version done and dusted as soon as possible and are very excited for the future.