Growing feet

From a child’s first step until their teenage years, their foot and gait are constantly changing.  As a child starts to walk and grows, it is possible that they will either develop pain or parents may become concerned about how their child is walking.  It is vitally important to identify and address problems with gait or the foot early so that appropriate treatment is given, or so that parents can be reassured that what their child is experiencing is completely normal.  The way we buy shoes for our children is also changing and now that it is possible to buy children’s shoes online without having them fitted, it is even more important to get advice early and protect a growing foot.  Walkrite clinicians are experienced in the assessment and treatment of children’s foot and biomechanical problems and will always recommend an onward referral to the appropriate specialist if treatment is required that we can’t provide.  We also work closely with local children’s shoe fitters to ensure the most appropriate footwear for your child will be provided.  If orthoses are required in the treatment of a child, they are carefully selected and monitored on at least a 6-monthly basis.