Pressure analysis

Currently only at our Northampton clinic

Pressure analysis allows the assessment of the direction of pressure through a foot during a step.  It also allows us to look at the highest average peak pressure on the foot and the centre of gravity during the step.  When walking, there is an ‘ideal’ direction of pressure that should be placed through the foot.  Problems within the foot, or elsewhere, can lead to the pressures under the foot altering and can be indicative of what is causing pain.  Very high areas of pressure in high risk groups can be very problematic, such as Diabetes, and pressure analysis has been shown to be an effective tool in assessing these risks.  It also helps to identify why a certain pain may be being felt when other examinations have not managed to identify this.  It is also very useful as a comparative record before and after certain treatments such as foot surgery or orthoses to assess if the desired effect of the treatment has been achieved.