Success! We ran the London Marathon in 2022 and raised £3075.40 for Hospice UK!

Total raised for Hospice UK from running the London Marathon 2022


In 2016, Jean Blower, the mother of Podiatrist and Co-Director, Nicola Blower, passed away as a result of bowel cancer. Nicola’s Mum was looked after brilliantly in her final moments by a Hospice in Lancashire. Hospices provide a very much needed aspect of end of life care when people are too ill to be at home but don’t need to remain in hospital when they are no longer receiving active care.

Sadly, Hospices only receive about one third of their funding from the government. The rest of their funding requirements need to be sourced and raised by the Hospices themselves, which is where charities such as Hospice UK come in. In fact, when Nicola’s Mum needed Hospice care, she had to go on a waiting list because no beds were available, which, obviously causes more distress at an already distressing time of life.

How did it go?

Running the London Marathon was an amazing, once in a lifetime experience. The crowds were overwhelming. Running over Tower Bridge and the approach to the finish line were definite spine-tingling moments, but the sheer volume of runners makes the experience unlike any other event. But, the best bit, running a marathon can help you live longer!

A BIG thank you to everyone that helped, donated and inspired along the way!

Knowing that we were raising money for such a great cause, especially one that had such a direct impact on Nicola’s Mum’s life, helped with every step of the London Marathon event in 2022. We’re so grateful to all our patients for their kind donations. They have made an impact. The Hospice UK London Marathon fundraisers raised a total of £438,000. This will have an incredible impact on the 300,000 people hospices support each year. 2024 is our next fundraising year at Walkrite. The same year we turn the grand old age of 21! We’re looking forward to completing more incredible events for great causes then.

London Marathon 2022 Finishers Medal
London Marathon 2022 Finishers Medal