Lift more, move more, live longer!

We regularly work with patients of all ages using weights to strengthen as part of their rehab. The latest research in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, confirms the positive impact of weight-training on better long-term health. When strength training twice a week was combined with meeting cardio-vascular exercise targets, the risk of premature death […]

Feet emotions

Face masks no longer required in clinic

Today marked the final day that our patients and staff wore face masks. From tomorrow, 31st May 2022, face masks will no longer be required in clinic. This is a milestone after 2 years of restrictions, but we know not everyone will feel 100% comfortable once face masks are no longer required. For patients who […]


Can these flat feet conquer the desert?

Friend of Walkrite, Richard Conroy, and friends Dan Kirby and Darren Robinson are running the Marathon de Sables multi-day desert running race this month! They will be starting the race on 25th March 2022 and raising money for KidsOut. You can see all the details of the charity, donate to their cause and see updates […]

Running 100 miles in January 2022

We are running 100 miles in January for Hospice UK

Increased physical activity lowers your risk of developing conditions that can shorten your life and may lead to you needing Hospice care We are running 100 miles in the month of January 2022 to raise money for Hospice UK and to promote the link between increased physical activity levels and a lowered risk of developing […]

Podiatry clinic Peterborough New

Our new Podiatry clinic in Peterborough!

We have moved into our new Podiatry clinic in Peterborough. We are so thankful to all the multi-disciplinry clinics that we have worked in since our incorporation in 2003, which enabled us to see many, many patients and build our business to the point were we could open a clinic of our own. The new […]

A brannock foot gauge can be used to measure feet

The importance of fitting boots and trail shoes

Heavy duty activity like trail running and long distance walking demands a lot from our feet but a lot more from our shoes. Uneven ground, demanding conditions and constant impact mean that it is more likely that our feet will get irritated by the shoe and not just the activity. This makes fitting of boots […]


Lakes for Level Water Charity Swim

Today we completed a 5km swim for the charity Lakes for Level Water. As a business, and personally, we wanted to swim for this charity today not just because they provide one-to-one swimming lessons for children with disabilities, but also because I have seen first-hand through treating para-athletes and seeing them compete in events that […]


Are you exercising safely in the sun?

Whilst we are still not quite able to open our clinics, it is good news that we can all now exercise for unlimited amounts of time outside (whilst still observing social distancing), but, at the same time, we are coming into the summer months and that means higher levels of ultra-violet radiation from the sun, […]


Don’t limp out of lockdown!

The Covid-19 lockdown has meant a change of activity levels for us all and it would seem that, for some of us, that has meant injury. Whilst our clinics have been closed, there has been an increase in existing and new patients contacting us with re-aggravations of existing injuries, or new injuries, who describe a […]